Internet Music Marketing – 3 Powerful Techniques Briefly Outlined & Explained

Internet music marketing is a major struggle among many who have tried and failed repeatedly. I was one, however, I somehow persisted through until I was comfortable enough to teach about it. I'm here to briefly disclose 3 important techniques I've learned about online music promotion. 1) Your Fans - Your Business A person does not like to be turned down by their idol by numerous ignored messages. The amount of messages you have not responded to over the internet, is approximately the amount of money missing from your wallet multiplied by $5, or whatever amount you sell your music or product for.

This doesn't mean sit down and have coffee with every fan that gives you a thumbs up and you don't even have to take them fishing. Just show that you care by responding to their messages. You can even go as far as asking them to put your banner and music on their page. You can get a PayPal account and begin paying your fans if you want. This technique alone can bring massive success in a short period of time and cut your internet music marketing efforts in half.

2) Great Websites YouTube Make videos of yourself and most importantly, type in anything about making money with music and get free info! - Blog about yourself all day for free and get paid for it through the Google AdSense program. YouTube will explain all of this through tutorials. - Easily sell your albums and mixtapes. Free to set up. - Easily sell your ringtones which used to be free, but now there's a low fee. - Write more about yourself all day for free. - For $35 get your music on iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, and more.

3) Internet Music Marketing! It may seem obvious by now, but you have to promote! Many people don't discuss this online music marketing tip however, I don't feel like wasting anyone's time pretending like everything you need was already mentioned above. My favorite music marketing technique is called keyword research.

You go into the Google keyword suggestion tool or the free word tracker tool and type in a broad music term. These tools will take the broad phrase and give you longer tailed phrases that you can easily rank for in the search engines by putting them on your webpage once every 100 words. You can also take these phrases along with the same method and write articles and blogs directing them back to a YouTube music video or your MySpace page to generate rich web traffic. More on this below.

Most people settle for a job and a boss after getting nowhere close to their music dreams, even knowing this information. Slow income, to no radio play, this doesn't have to be you & should have never been them.

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By Davis Carter

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