OK, so first off Happy Birthday to my good friend Mike Drolet.

We went to Malibu wines for his b day party last night and I soooooooo recommend it. Its a bit hard to find and I was hating him a little as we were on the 101 from orange county for having his b day on a Friday but once you get on that Mullholland road all the stresses of LA life melt away and you are surrounded by trees and peace. It's just a gorgeous drive and you get there and its this gorgeous open grassy area with tables and chairs and they have wine tasting and you bring your own food and buy a bottle of wine for around 20 dollars and you have a whole night. It would cost you about 20 bucks a drink if you went out anywhere else in LA. There was also this great cover band that played everything from jimmy buffet to Yo ho Yo ho a pirates life for me. So I highly recommend this place for a laid back chilled evening where you can enjoy music and actually hear your friends talk.

Anyway I met this country/blues singer named Laura Bryna. OK, actually I didn't really meet her, turns out she and I went to college together and were in choir together where we wore big black prom dresses and sung fancy arias, who knew? She was wearing a cutie patootie one piece pink shorts outfit(I tried one on the other day and I looked like an orange marshmallow) but she was totally sporting it. Anyway she just got a record contract and has been on the scene for quite some time now since the debut of her hit single I don't have a thing to wear in 2007 and released her first album trying to be me in 2008. She also is on the board for the make a wish foundation which is what the song make a wish is about and she just sang at the house of blues for a sold out audience honoring 5 air guard women for their service singing them a song called Hometown heroes which she also sang at the Nashville airport for the men and women being deployed to Iraq.

Now of course when you meet people that have gotten to where you want to be in life you can't help but be a bit jealous. And though I am working on this, I am the first to admit it. Of course I am sitting there thinking I am just going to relax and have some wine and not think about my career goals for the evening and then boom its staring you straight in the face but honestly two seconds of talking with this girl and all of that goes away. It was like one of those darn she is nice, can't hate her moments:-) This girl is the real deal. She even came to mike's party even though she had to be on a plane to Nashville the next day. Now that is true friendship. Kinda blows other friends, have to get up early in the morning excuse out of the water.

But anyway, all of the charity events she does are because she truly believes in it, not because its good for her career, she got teary even talking about the make a wish foundation and the first thing she started talking to me about was different venues I could sing at and how she could put a good word in for me. She was even talking about putting mike and I and other friends in her show. I mean when does that happen in this awful competitive music business we are in. Everyone is usually fighting for the top and kicking everyone down that is trying to get up there with them. We talked about where music is going and how we don't have the gun's and roses, and the Michael Jackson's, and the bon jovis, and the queen's anymore. That musical genius is just not happening in this over saturated image driven pop culture market and its sad. So just as my phantom audition was a pleasant surprise, so was this experience and I just want to put her name out there because Laura Bryna is going places and she is one of those girls that has the talent and a heart as big as Texas to back it up. (maybe I can be one of her back up singers, ha ha) You can find her at You can buy her album off iTunes, which I did in the car last night, and you can become a fan on her facebook. So do it do it do it add her cd to your ipod and make it your new work out cd(except for the sad soldier one cuz I was crying on the treadmill and people were looking at me) and support the nice people in the arts:-)