How to Write a Good Song - 3 Steps to Easy Songwriting

How to Write a Good Song - 3 Steps to Easy SongwritHow to Write a Good Song - 3 Steps to Easy SongwritingBy Dusty Thornton

Songwriting is something some people can do off the top of their head and others struggle just to find words that rhyme. Now I believe songs should be from the heart, but if you're struggling, this article is going to give you a step by step process of how to write a good song.

1. Know what you're writing about

Don't blindly write. Just like when you write a story or a paper, you outline it. Outlining helps you keep on topic and makes sure you don't stray away from the main point. Well, the same is true for song writing. Choose a topic and stick with it.

2. Put your chorus together first

Since your chorus is the main theme of the song, write it first. Take your topic and put together a chorus that is both catchy and repetitive. You may say, repetitive is bad, but think about some of the songs you hear on the radio today. Repetitive is what gets stuck in your head and it's what people enjoy.

3. Make the Verses point towards the chorus

Once you feel like you have a strong chorus with a good theme, use the verse to write the story. Imagine your chorus as the backbone, and then your verse is the muscle, bone, and skin of your song. Let it flow into the chorus. In a sense, build up to the chorus.

Imagine this. The first verse tells a story and leads either down (or up) to the chorus. The chorus is a simple repetitive theme or kind of like the climax. Then the second verse leads back up (or down--whichever it didn't do the first time).

Using these 3 simple tips, you should have a good framework for putting a song together. Once you get comfortable you can start throwing in a bridge and making more complex songs.

Good luck in your song writing.

Dusty Thornton is a college student that loves to write. He wants to share his experiences and knowledge with others.

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