Well I made it through the rain or storm...


...I should say my Barry Manilow concert in Rancho Cucamonga last friday and I think we have booked some casinos. One of them is next to a prison apparently so you have to go through security to get in. I was wondering if they let the prisoners out to gamble. Probably do being as though they get acupuncture and cable. Speaking of casino's, Gavin and I found a great one in Warner Springs, it was hilarious, super small and had a $4.95 prime rib special. Of course we went there on my birthday and the restaurant was already closed so we wound up eating cold hot dogs and nachos with chemical cheese at the bar, happy birthday to me! At least the nice lady at the bar carded us and couldn't believe we were as old as we are. Warner springs was awesome though, Gavin found pics of my grandfather when he was ten years old  hunting in Warner Springs, he had a rifle in one hand, a handful of rabbits in the other and a big smile on his face. Crazy right? I guess we followed in his footsteps because Gavin ran over flopsy by accident. He really didn't mean to, I mean this is the guy who had two spiders in a jar and one ate the other one before he could set them free so he set the other one free telling him to think about what he had done. He is kinda buddist that way. So we thought we blew out a tire and when Gavin got back in the car he had a kinda pale look on his face and asked me if I wanted a lucky rabbit's foot. I know gross.

That reminds me of when I was in NY with my friend ryan and we didn't have any money so we would buy fish for his piranas and watch the piranas eat the fish. Well about two weeks went buy where we really didn't have any money so we couldn't buy fish. The one pirana got really hungry and ate the other one. Then he was so stupid he kept swimming around looking for it. We were like you ate him remember?

But I digress. Warner springs, ahhhh yes, can't beat it, in the middle of no where but in between Temecula and Julian, which has the best apple pie ever. You can even get it without any sugar. I would recommend the Julian Pie Company though because the other place we went to said it was grandma's recipe so we thought it must be good. Well grandma thought it would be a good idea to put salt in the apples. I guess all the pie places are competing to be unique or grandma mistook the sugar for the salt. Good thing I didn't say anything though because the town is so small our server said it was actually her grandmother that makes the pie. There are lots of fun stores there, you know you have your typical small town middle of nowhere stores with the fairy's and the crystals and the books on how to put spells on your boyfriend to get him to marry you type stores, but my favorite one was Pistol's and Petticoats. Oh yeah you can buy a gun and lingere right in the same place.

We also went on this awesome breakfast horseback ride where we got to ride all over the hot springs and then a nice fellow named Paco brought his golf cart with his portable cantina and made us breakfast in the wilderness. It was awesome. Much better than the last time I went horseback riding in the hollywood hills where my horse casper was so old he was about to drop right off the side of the hollywood sign, or the time before when my dad and I went horseback riding in Mexico and our guide was an eight year old boy who dropped us off at a swimming hole and I thought it would cool to be Tarzan woman and fly into the pool on a rope, of course when my head popped up the rope came back and gave me a black eye. Yeah that trip was fatal. We were playing tequila musical chairs at the mexican fiesta that evening and this drunk woman from Colorado pounced on me to get my chair and squashed me. One of the guys at the hotel asked if mi novio was beating me up. So funny.